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Paella is the perfect dish for sharing with friends. The sense of theatre, the aromas and of course the flavours will enthuse and enchant your guests, for one of the most memorable weddings they have ever been to. 

As the first company to bring paella catering to the West Country we have a huge range of pan sizes to suit every size of wedding. We can serve the paellas direct from the pan, or we can bring a sharing pan to the tables for guests to share, or, of course, serve it plated – the choice is yours!

Paella Mixta   Onions   Peppers   Chicken   Chorizo   Prawns   Crevettes   Mussels

Paella Pescado  Onions   Peppers   Squid   Monkfish   Prawns   Crevettes   Mussels

Paella de Pollo Y Champinones  Chicken   Chorizo   Mushrooms   Onions   Peppers 

Picadillo Paella   Ground Beef   Chorizo  Sausage   Peppers   Chillies   Spices   

Paella Vegetarian  Mushrooms  Courgettes  Peppers  Asparagus  Artichokes  Pesto

Paellas are usually served with a selection of breads and a dressed seasonal leaf salad, but do feel free to choose other salads from our Salad Menu.


Our pigs are free range and reared locally on Cornish farms. They can either be cooked for 6-8 hours in custom made hog roast machines, of a slow, long roast in the oven to ensure succulent meat and crispy crackling.

The hog roast can be served from a buffet service station or sharing style to each table.

Bramley Apple Sauce

Crunchy Crackling

Soft Floured Baps or Ciabatta Rolls

Three Salads from the Salads Menu 

We also include a vegetarian alternative such as baps filled with fried haloumi bugers, roasted peppers and rocket, or baked Portobello mushrooms with garlic, fennel and wild garlic pesto.

What our clients say

You were certainly more than just a catering team, and your attention to detail was fantastic. 

Paul and Holly, Caerhays, August 2019

Thanks, too, for all the help with planning over the months preceding. Right from the start, I felt that I was in safe hands and felt particularly reassured by your incredible organization.

Lizzie and Dan, Zennor, August 2019

The food was a very important part of the day for us, so thank you so much for doing such an excellent job - both in terms of service and the amazing food. So many people said it was the best food they had ever had at a wedding!!

Becca and Eoin, Restronguet Barton, September 2018

Thank you for all the support you gave us in the run-up to the wedding, helping us with all the small details that made such a difference!

Sophie and Adam, Caerhays, May 2018

It wasn't until we met with you that we actually felt we could pull it off!

Dylan and Jane, Scorrier House, April 2018

The food was out of this world and the talking point of the evening

Dave and Lucy, Ta Mill, July 2017