Our food

Good food is created from great ingredients and that’s why we use the best quality locally sourced seasonal fodder wherever we can.

Caterers in Cornwall and Devon

Everything we make is handmade and all of it is created to fit your specific requirements and wishes. We inject as much thought; love and passion into our food as possible, as it’s clear to taste and see in the result.

Every customer we’ve met has had their own specific tastes, wants and loves and we want to meet your individual requirements too. That’s why all our initial consultations are held with a senior partner – we want our meals to taste as impressive as they look after all.

Afterwards your menu will be created by Lucy Barber taking into account you loves, tastes and desires. We’ve an array of culinary influences, so no matter where your tastes come from, we can cater for them. We love everything from the Med to the Middle East and have access to a larder of food stuffs other catering companies would envy. Why not get some ideas from our sample menus before giving us a call? These tasters provide food for thought, so when you get in touch with us we can talk about the specific.